How Sellers Can Keep Their Homes Showing-Ready

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When potential buyers come to view your property, you want to show your home off in the best possible light. However, it can be challenging to keep your space pristine while living in it—particularly if you have young children or pets. As you prepare for weeks of real estate showings, use the following tips to make this task simpler.

3 Ways to Keep Your House Looking Its Best for Showings
1. Allow Space for In-Cabinet Organization
In the kitchens and bathrooms, it’s easy for clutter to build up on the countertops. However, having perfumes, soap, cleaning products, or cooking ingredients out in the open can make the space look cluttered. Therefore, make an effort to find a place for these items in your cabinets and drawers. Avoid buying these types of products in bulk, especially if you are actively decluttering for a move of your own.

2. Avoid Using Parts of the House
If possible, limit the use of certain rooms in your house altogether if you know your real estate agent will be doing showings. This way, those spaces do not need to be tidied up in a hurry. For example, keep the family out of any guest rooms and encourage everyone to use the same bathroom. 

3. Remove the Non-Necessities
You can eliminate a lot of the cleanup work by getting rid of the non-essential items altogether. When it comes to family photos, trophies, and old textbooks, pack them up in boxes and place them in the attic. This will allow for more open floor space and make your home seem more accessible to other families. If you don’t have room in your current house, take these non-essentials to a storage unit. Boxing these belongings up ahead of time will also make your own move simpler.


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